Patricia Ernst

Patricia Ernst’s battle with COVID-19 was not easy. She was admitted to Vibra Hospital of Northern California to work on her recovery. When she first arrived, Patricia was reliant on a ventilator and was too weak to even sit on her own. Despite all the battles that she faced, Patricia never gave up and kept fighting for her recovery.

Each day in therapy, Patricia worked hard and gave her best. Her family was by her side to cheer her on every step of the way. Because of her determination, Patricia has seen great progress. She is now speaking, swallowing, and breathing on her own. She is now able to walk with a walker and continues to grow stronger every day. Having made great progress, she looks forward to returning home soon.

In addition to working hard to get better, Patricia has taken the time to encourage other patients. She realizes that everyone is fighting their own battle and that a little sunshine in their day can make a big difference. She has been an inspiration to everyone at Vibra, patients and staff alike.